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Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD seeks Interim Organizing Director (part-time)

The Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) seeks a dynamic organizer to work in collaboration with the active, engaged, working Board of Directors to advance WILD’s mission of strengthening the number, influence and diversity of women in the Massachusetts labor movement, and building an awareness of all issues of oppression within the movement.

Susan Winning taught Leadership Skills at Northeast Women's Summer School
Susan Winning taught Leadership Skills at Northeast Women's Summer School

UMass LEP teaches at Northeast Summer School for Union Women

Labor Extension coordinators taught at the recent 39th annual Northeast Summer School for Union Women, which took place at Queens College in late July.   

The theme of this successful program -- attended by over 120 women -- was Our Movement – Our World. Coordinators taught Leadership Skills, Collective Bargaining, and Building an Economy That Works for Us! an adaptation of the AFL-CIO Common Sense Economics curriculum.

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New Lynn Coalition stategy session participants, with Spanish interpreter
New Lynn Coalition stategy session participants, with Spanish interpreter

Strategic Planning session for New Lynn Coalition.

Susan Winning (UML) and Elvis Mendez from Immigrant Worker Center Collaborative facilitated a July session attended by representatives of all the member organization of the New Lynn Coalition.The New Lynn Coalition is a community/labor coalition on the North Shore that works for regional economic development that serves the residents of Lynn and revolves around social and ecological needs and concerns.  Increased civic engagement, and good jobs, where workers’ rights to form unions is seen as central to economic health and democracy and becomes a core principle protected by the local regime.

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Small Group Discussion, NSLC Education Conference
Small Group Discussion, NSLC Education Conference

North Shore Labor Council holds annual Education Conference.

This year’s conference, Take Back Our Economy, focused on economic inequality and how working people can make changes.  Susan Winning co- led plenary session with UMass Boston colleague Anneta Argyres. 

Workshops included:

  • Labor Builds the Economy which explored how labor and community groups are building the local economy with projects like a worker owned machinist co-operative and New Lynn’s economic development campaigns.
  • In Fighting Privatization union leaders shared stories about pushing back against privatization and improving public services for everyone.
  • Building Young Worker Power brought young workers together to share their experiences in unions and communities.
  • Organizing the Unorganized explored projects outside of traditional union organizing, such as workers centers and fast food worker strikes, which are helping raise wages and working conditions for all.

MA Labor Educators "Squaretable" meets to discuss popular education and the Occupy Movement

November 28: Almost 20 labor educators from across the state gathered today at the MTA offices in Auburn to share ideas and experiences and discuss ways to extend our work into new areas.

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